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How to Make Audio Louder


It can be difficult to hear and also frustrating experience if the audio volume on your audio files is too soft. Instead of rerecord the whole audio recording session or adjusting your computer speaker volume to the maximum level, there is a better way to make audio louder. Using audio editing software like Dexster, it's just the right tool to help you out. With the Dexster software, you can make audio louder across the entire track or just a specific part of the track. Here's the guide that will help making the volume of your audio files louder.

Click on the Open button on the toolbar and select the audio file that you would like to edit.
Select the part of the audio track you that you would like to make it louder or press Ctrl + A to select the entire track.
Click on the Effects menu, Amplify and select Amplify +
Amplify Menu
The Amplify window will then appear. You can set the desired Gain value in dB or %.
Make Audio Louder
For Gain in dB: Positive value will make audio louder and vice versa
For Gain in %: Value above 100% will make audio louder and vice versa
After setting the gain value, click on the Preview button to hear the audio before applying the Amplify effect.
Click on the OK button to apply the Amplify effect once you are satisfied with the result.
Click on the Save button on the toolbar to save your audio file.
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