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How to Remove / Reduce Clicks and Pops


If your audio recording or audio file contains unwanted noise like clicks or pops, you can make use of the audio restoration feature in Dexster Audio Editor to simply reduce or remove it. That way, it will make your audio file usable and also save you the time from performing the whole audio recording session again. Here's how you can remove or reduce clicks and pops in your audio.

Step 1:
Load the audio file that you would like to remove / reduce the clicks and pops
Step 2:
Select the waveform area that containing the clicks and pops.
Step 3:
Click on Filters menu, Restoration and select Clicks / Pops Reduction.
Step 4:
From the window that appears, select one of the available presets on the right and click on the Preview button to hear the preview version of the audio after the clicks and pops were removed / reduced.
Step 5:
Make necessary adjustments to the Click Sensitivity and Length sliders to improve the result.
Step 6:
Once you're happy with the result, click on the OK button to apply these settings to remove the clicks and pops in your audio.
Remove / Reduce Clicks and Pops
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